Janeen Castillo


I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful care that was given to my dad over the past year that he was with you.

I feel that we couldn’t have found a better place for him to be. Personally, I feel that we were led to your house and my dad was blessed to be there. I feel that you treated him just as though he was a member of your own family in Romania. I know that he wasn’t always wonderful, but he wasn’t so bad after all. I’m so grateful that dad could be with such kind and caring people, and pleasant surroundings, before he passed away.

It is a great thing that you are a doctor and have knowledge of so many things. I always felt so comfortable about having Doc at your house. All the relatives and acquaintances that I brought to see dad at your home were so impressed. They still talk about it.

Doina is great, she handles herself very well. You both had a very kind and loving way with Doc. I could see that he responded to and cared about you both. That meant so much to me. Your parents were also totally wonderful with dad and I saw him respond to them as well. Kind of a twinkle in his eye.

The guys are really very sweet: Terry, the quiet one; TJ who always seems so happy; Larry, the cowboy and child all in one who played the guitar and harmonica for us and for dad; and Mark, who remembers all of our names and spent so much time with dad. I really enjoy them all.

The house is always clean and the food is always good and plentiful. The medications are very organized. Your attention to the home improvements was great – it was important and you took care of it. You, your staff and your parents have a wonderful tradition of hospitality. Sometimes it is overwhelming.

These words don’t seem like enough, but I personally feel so fortunate to know you all, and I know Doc would say the same. I feel like you are family.

Thank you.